Sunday, October 18, 2020

Review of "Faith #1" comic

 Review of

Faith #1 comic

Five out of five stars

A new size of super heroine

 This comic introduces a new super heroine (Faith), one that packs both superpowers and significant size. She is clearly meant to appeal to girls that have bodies larger than what is considered the ideal. Her dialogue and relationship interactions are also very female in nature. She tries to balance the super heroine persona with that of just trying to be a regular woman in a complex culture. Her job is that of a writer for an online publication, so it is relatively easier for her to keep her personal life from that of saving the world.

 Since it clearly fills a specific niche market, this is a comic that will have a lot of appeal to certain groups. However, like most characters that have specific physical characteristics, Faith may not appeal to other groups. Which would be unfortunate, for it would be an educational experience for them.

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