Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Review of "Shalako," DVD

 Review of

Shalako, DVD

Five out of five stars

Sean Connery as a different kind of hero

 Released in 1968, this movie appeared after Sean Connery had starred in five James Bond films and had supposedly retired from playing Bond. In this one, he plays a hero (Shalako) once again, this time a loner that is somewhat of a drifter. He is a man known and trusted by the Native Americans, the name Shalako is derived from their language.

 There is generally peace in the area between the Native Americans and the whites, but that peace is being disrupted. A large expedition of European royalty led by a group of American mercenaries has violated the treaty and crossed into the reservation. The leaders are arrogant men that consider all others, including the American hired hands, to be beneath them.

 Shalako meets with the leader of the Native Americans and promises to move the Europeans from the reservation. When they refuse, there is a battle and against his better judgement, Shalako decides to aid the Europeans. Part of the reason is that he is falling for a countess played by Brigitte Bardot.

 The action is tense and unforgiving, the terrain is rugged and spectacular. There seems to have been none of the action shot on a sound stage. Connery is superb in playing a different kind of hero, so well that even the most ardent of Bond fans will not lament that he is not playing the 007 role once again.


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