Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Review of "The Goddamned: Before the Flood, issue three" comic

 Review of

The Goddamned: Before the Flood, issue three comic

Four out of five stars

Loosely based on the early chapters of the Christian Old Testament, it starts with Adam and Eve looking out over a natural, bright green paradise. However, they talk to each other like a couple that have grown to hate the very sight and sound of each other.

 There is an immediate shift to a world that is dark, sinister and extremely brutal. Babies, “good and fresh” are for sale on open markets. People are brutalized and kept in slave pens, with one reserved for the children. Human bodies are fed to the captured carnivorous animals and Cain is aiding a woman in looking for her son Lodo that has been imprisoned in a camp run by a vicious gang.

 As someone that has read the Christian Old Testament, this comic more accurately portrays the events depicted in that document. Life is brutal, slavery is ubiquitous, and death can appear on a whim and in spite of prayer.

 This is the first issue in this series that I read. It piqued my curiosity and further interest, so now I am looking for the other issues in the series.  

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