Monday, October 26, 2020

Review of "Star Trek The Next Generation: Spirit in the Sky," comic

 Review of

Star Trek The Next Generation: Spirit in the Sky, comic

Three out of five stars

Weak premise poorly carried out

 The story opens with a strong premise, an unusual and unidentified energy wave hits the Enterprise at the same time they are encountering the ship of a previously unknown species. The two events are not related in the sense that one is causing the other. The wave momentarily winks out the power systems of the Enterprise, yet there is no lasting effect.

 At the same time, the crew of the Enterprise is preparing for a Christmas party, with even the Captain attending. It is going to be quite the social event, Deanna, Tasha and Dr. Crusher are all dressing up in steamy, sexy clothing.

 Some members of the command crew of the alien ship are invited aboard the Enterprise, they are searching for the energy source and there is an armed confrontation. All is eventually resolved without a major conflict when the true nature of the energy force is revealed in the form of a creature familiar to humans. It is pretty cheesy in nature and is truly a stretch for modern science fiction. The story is very weak and lacks realistic tension at the end.

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