Thursday, October 15, 2020

Review of "The Seeds: Volume 1," by David Aja and Ann Nocenti

 Review of

The Seeds: Volume 1, by David Aja and Ann Nocenti

Five out of five stars

The despair of slow planet destruction

 This comic is the first in another series based on the Earth in rapid decay. Nearly all environmental factors are near or explicitly toxic. This is summed up by the caption showing a speaker with the text, “air quality alert, acid snow, zone b toxic, weaponized fallout, stay indoors.”

 Nearly everything is depicted as grungy and the expressions of any form of human happiness are almost totally absent. There is a militarized brick wall with razor wire on top that separates two zones. In this issue, there is no significant explanation of the reason for the separation.

Creatures such as bees and birds are also included expressing sentient thoughts and there is mention of a group that may be space aliens deliberately driving at least some of the destruction. Some of the people wear environmental isolation suits.

 Many independent comics are based on an Earth where humans exist in a brutal environment where most of the joy of living has been extracted. This is one of the darkest, for the background has been set where it is difficult to see where there could be anything close to a “happy ending.”

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