Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Review of "Streamlined," by John Kaufmann

 Review of

Streamlined, by John Kaufmann ISBN 0690005652

Five out of five stars

Proof that learning science can be fun

 The fundamental physical principle of streamlining is one that appears throughout nature and is an essential principle of many different types of engineering. From motor vehicles to ships to buildings designed to resist strong winds, making the vehicle streamlined is essential.

 This book is an excellent basic primer on this topic. It starts with how and why many creatures in nature have streamlined shapes and the advantages it gives them. From this, the reader is introduced to simple, inexpensive experiments that can be done that demonstrate the effectiveness of streamlining. Those experiments can be done at home in a bathtub or in a classroom with a tib of water.

 This book is an existence proof that learning science can be entertaining.

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