Thursday, October 29, 2020

Review of "Eat That Frog!," by Brian Tracy

 Review of

Eat That Frog!, by Brian Tracy ISBN 9781626569416

Five out of five stars

The key is selective procrastination

 Nearly every person is faced with more work than can possibly be done in a day, even when you stretch it out long into the night. As Tracy points out more than once and rather effectively, the key is not to avoid putting things off, but to properly prioritize your tasks and delay doing those things that are not immediately critical.

 The famous and nearly always true Pareto 80/20 rule is repeated many times. Since 80 percent of your gain will be a consequence of 20 percent of your work, it is foolish not to identify and act on the 20 percent.

 There is really nothing new or originally stated in this book. Yet, that is not a criticism or an argument against reading it. The reality is that good ideas and advice need to be hammered home over and over again if it is to ever be fully implemented. It reads quick and light, even though the content is valuable and worthy of repeating.

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