Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Review of "The Silencers," DVD

 Review of

The Silencers, DVD

Two out of five stars

Interpreted as serious or as a parody, fails both ways

 When this movie was released in 1966, four James Bond films starring Sean Connery had appeared. This includes what is arguably the best of them all, “Goldfinger.” It features a woman antagonist with the best sexy name of all time as well as the nastiest villain in the behemoth Oddjob. The megalomaniac determined to control the world was also a feature of two of the first four Bond films.

 When watching this movie, it is impossible to determine if it is meant to be a serious spy film or a spoof. The point is a bit moot as it fails at both. Dean Martin simply does not have the acting skills to portray a spy, even one meant to make fun of spies. The dialog is at times atrocious, showing little of the charm and wit of the Bond films.

 I struggled to watch this movie to the end. However, it did rekindle my interest in the early James Bond movies starring Sean Connery. Others have tried, but none have ever been able to match the sheer screen presence of Oddjob and his killer hat.

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