Monday, October 19, 2020

Review of "U. S. War Machine No. 1," comic

 Review of

U. S. War Machine No. 1, comic

Four out of five stars

Stark makes a bold move, problem ensues

 This comic opens with Tony Stark, the possessor of the most advanced weapons technology, making an announcement that he will be keeping the most powerful technology of his weapons in house and will no longer be selling it to governments. The reaction of the press is what you would expect of people that cover business, at first, they laugh and then ask questions about the reaction of stockholders and whether there will be layoffs at the Stark companies. This includes the technology known as War Machine.

 However, things don’t go according to plan, when a sophisticated terrorist group captures some weapons, War Machine thwarts them in a very bloody battle. It is as if the terrorists want the War Machine to react violently.

 This is not a traditional comic where the violence is muted. There is an “Explicit Content” warning on the front cover, and it is justified. Violent and gory deaths are depicted with no attempt to tone down the bloodshed. This story sets the stage for what could be many different story threads regarding what Stark will do in the future.

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