Thursday, February 7, 2019

"The Last Stand" DVD version

The Last Stand DVD version

Five out of five stars
The premise of this final episode of the X-Men featuring Charles Xavier, Scott Sommers and Jean Grey is that a pharmaceutical company has developed a vaccine that will “cure” mutants of their powers. For a few of them, it is a godsend, but for the vast majority, it is a cure for what should not be considered a disease.
 As is usually the case, Magneto takes the side of opposition and he attracts many mutants to his side. He considers it a war against Homo Sapiens and the X-Men and Xavier stand in opposition. Compounding everything is the return of Jean Grey, now more the Phoenix than the Marvel Girl. There are some initial skirmishes, but it comes down to a titanic battle between the forces of Magneto against a unit of U. S. soldiers and a few of the X-Men.
 The special effects are of course tremendous, for without them no modern superhero movie could be even close to entertaining. There are some casualties, but the ending hints that we may have not seen the last of Magneto. It is a visually stimulating movie, but if you are unfamiliar with the X-Men history to this point, there are many references that you will not understand.

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