Saturday, February 2, 2019

Review of "Marvel Swimsuit Special 1993"

Review of
Marvel Swimsuit Special 1993

Five out of five stars
 This issue is an obvious parody of the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. In this case, the images are artwork of Marvel comic book heroes and villains wearing skimpy outfits that bulge in the proper locations. The premise is that the troll Pip wins Infinity Gems in a poker game and uses them to transport the hero babes and brawn to Monster Island for a massive party.
 It is a series of pinups where the women are wearing very skimpy outfits and seem in a state of bliss, with seductive smiles atop sensual poses. The male heroes are hunks with bulging muscles and big vees down below. Exactly what will generate interest in early adolescent readers.
 Each image has a short caption describing the character and the context in which they appear. All of it is in fun, as it is all posing and no fighting action. It is an enjoyable interlude, for it presents the heroes as human, with the desire to be attractive and have an opportunity to relax from the stress of saving the world.

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