Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Review of "Country Things: Selected From the Newspaper Series," by Bob Artley

Review of
Country Things: Selected From the Newspaper Series, by Bob Artley ISBN 0813826500

Five out of five stars
 Bob Artley grew up on a farm with no electricity or running water. He went on to become a talented newspaper cartoonist, yet never lost his pride and joy in his roots. This book is a collection of simple images of the farm objects that he was familiar with growing up. Everything from the routine objects such as gloves to the corn sheller used to separate the best kernels of corn from the best ears so that they could be used as seed the following year.
 One of my favorites is the page featuring several forks that were used to throw and scoop different materials, from hay to natural fertilizer. Artley also mentions some of the special fragrances brought on by the seasons and the various harvests. Buildings no longer in use such as a smokehouse, corn crib and icehouse are also featured.  
 My father grew up on  a farm similar to the one Artley grew up on and I have retained memories of some the farm work that I witnessed, such as stocking the woodshed for winter. It is a time long past, yet there are some things that should be retained, such as the skills to smoke meat properly or to make apple cider from the apples on your property or wine from the grapes.

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