Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Review of "Justice League 100 Greatest Moments," edited by Robert Greenberger

Review of
Justice League 100 Greatest Moments, edited by Robert Greenberger ISBN 9780785836148

Five out of five stars
 In the history of comic books, the Justice League of America (JLA) is one of the greatest groups of super heroes ever constructed. Like most groups in the comic universe, the membership changes over time as the individual heroes find other ways and causes to expend their powers on. Yet, the  goal of the league is always the same, to provide a strong bulwark against the powerful evil forces that threaten Earth, humanity and the universe.
 As the title implies, this book features 100 episodes of the DC universe where the Justice League was in action. Since the JLA history is long and varies across several different Earths and dimensions, some of the moments require significant establishment of context, which is provided. While I am a longtime fan of comics, in no way am I up to speed on all of the backgrounds of the storyline. Yet, in no case was I confused as to what was being expressed in the panels of the featured moment.
 This book is a reminder of the extent of creative juices that have been present in DC Comics and channeled into the JLA stories. There has been a lot of imagination and originality available at the company and it has been well directed into quality stories. The evolution of the JLA and the characters over time is also clear, without this, it would not be a true history.

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