Saturday, February 2, 2019

Review of "Fugitoid #1"

Review of
Fugitoid #1

Two out of five stars
 The plot of this comic is one that has been used before, due to a scientific device designed to allow a person to telekinetically move objects and a freak lightning strike, the mind of a scientist is transferred into that of a work robot. That robot is gardening when it gets tangled up in an underground cable and when the human scientist goes out to offer aid while wearing the device, they are both struck by a powerful bolt of lightning. The human body is fried, so the robot is accused of murder.
 A power-hungry general was demanding that the scientist create a matter transmission device, with it he could transport bombs to anywhere in the universe, destroying all enemies and taking power via threats of destruction. The general quickly realizes that the robot contains the consciousness of the scientist, so it becomes a game of cat and mouse between the general’s forces and the intelligent and physically powerful robot. Hence, the name fugitoid in reference to the robot.
 The story is pretty predictable until the last caption, when it suddenly takes a dramatic turn when a familiar set of heroes suddenly appear to rescue the fugitoid from the general’s forces. All captions are in black-and-white yet are very detailed in construction. The heads of the humans and other intelligent bipeds are very expressive. The plot of the device containing powerful information that can lead to a takeover of the galaxy if it falls into the wrong hands is an old one. Here, it is expressed in a good, but not great way.

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