Sunday, February 3, 2019

Review of "Who Lived in Castles? Highlights in History"

Review of
Who Lived in Castles? Highlights in History ISBN 087197519x

Five out of five stars
 The question of the title is only one of the many appearing in and answered in this book. All of them are from history, from the first to fly in balloons to who were the “big-ears” to one of the first board games. They all fit into the area of “fun facts,” but there is also some significant education taking place. History is often depicted as the dull repetition of facts, but it contains the roots of us all. Furthermore, every human is at all times in some form simply repeating history. Quality images accompany all textual captions.
This is one of those books where a person will read it and be compelled to tell anyone within earshot, “Hey! Did you know . . . ”

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