Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Review of "A Book of Chores As Remembered By a Former Kid," by Bob Artley

Review of
A Book of Chores As Remembered By a Former Kid, by Bob Artley

Five out of five stars
 My father grew up on a farm similar to that described in this book. No electricity or running water and a wood stove for cooking and heating the basement and a coal stove for heating the living quarters upstairs. My grandfather farmed only with genuine horsepower until he suffered a stroke and could no longer do the work. I observed some of the work and have seen and heard the residue for many years. I also owned 10 acres for many years, and I milked a cow by hand and raised and cared for many types of farm animals.
 The experiences of the author when growing up are therefore all familiar to me, either first or second hand. There are the struggles to care for the animals in the bitter cold of Iowa to simply doing the routine jobs of caring for the garden and feeding the chickens, ducks and geese. One point that I would like to make is that it was not all work until you drop. There are many fun things to do on a farm, especially one with a creek, which my paternal grandparents had on their property. There is no greater joy than taking off your clothes and taking a dip in the creek when the temperature is in the nineties. Artley mentions that and it is a high point of the book.
 Yes, Artley and others that grew up like he did worked hard when young. They also had many adventures that the other children could never have and as Artley strongly hints, he had a happy and joyful childhood.

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