Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Review of "Humans," by Mike Dowdall and Pat Welch

Review of
Humans, by Mike Dowdall and Pat Welch ISBN 067153257x

Five out of five stars
This book contains a series of satirical expressions of how humans behave. It is based on the premise of a set of intelligent, independent observers of humans and their actions stating their conclusions. Each “observation” is based on an image with textual annotations. The expressions of the humans in the images are exaggerated and most human activities, from weddings to dining out to watching sporting events to standing in line are the points of the satirical pen and ink.
 In many ways, the content reminded me of that of the most popular satirical magazines, quality images that are not overly colorful or detailed, yet clearly impart the correct message. I enjoyed this book, even the overstatements are based on established facts that we are all familiar with.

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