Sunday, February 10, 2019

Review of "Danny Kaye’s Stories From Many Lands"

Review of
Danny Kaye’s Stories From Many Lands

Five out of five stars
 The short stories in this book are from many countries, The places of origin in order of appearance are Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Canada, Denmark, Eskimo, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Scotland, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Chile. All are short folk tales and even though I am a fan of such stories, there was only one that I had read before.
 Yet, people that have read fairy tales before will recognize similar themes of animal cleverness, parental difficulties with offspring, great achievers that fool potential adversaries and female complaints about their husband’s circumstances. As is mentioned in the preamble to the one from Ecuador, the story featuring a stubborn wife is common to folk tales all over the world.
 Even though the environments from Iceland to Uruguay are very different, this book demonstrates that human thought patterns are remarkable consistent.

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