Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Review of "Mad’s Complete Star Trek Collection! September 1992"

Review of
Mad’s Complete Star Trek Collection! September 1992

Five out of five stars
This issue is indeed a collector’s item, there are parodies of the Star Trek original series, all six movies starring the original cast and one segment making fun of the “Next Generation.” All are done in the usual style of Mad magazine, pointing out some of the more obvious holes in the plots. Even Star Trek purists that resist making fun of their love of Star Trek will find these stories amusing. It is an opportunity to relax the bones of seriousness when it comes to Star Trek.
 There are also some of the usual Mad features, such as “The Lighter Side Of…,” “Spy vs. Spy,” “Cat Thoughts,” and a parody called “The Olden Girls.” If your sense of humor is compatible with that appearing in “Mad Magazine,” then you will find this funny. Even those serious about all things Trek will find the satire amusing. My favorite was the one about “Star Trek V,” It was fittingly only one page in length.

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