Sunday, February 3, 2019

Review of "Mad Movies III Winter 1991"

Review of
Mad Movies III Winter 1991

Five out of five stars
 No one does a satire/parody of movies better than Mad Magazine and that is demonstrated once again in this magazine. The five movies that are lampooned are “Ghostbusters,” “Karate Kid,” “Purple Rain,” “Beverly Hills Cop,”, “Goonies” and “All of Me.” There are other movie related pieces as well as a satire of the TV show “Night Court.”
 Some of the other material is a “Spy Vs. Spy,” “Who Needs It?” “The Lighter Side . . . ” and a “Mad’s Practical Joke” selection. All are made in the usual twisted way of “Mad” with truth expressed honestly often being more biting and accurate than falsehoods.
 The “Mad” way of humor is not for everyone, so your laugh rate will vary. Yet, if you enjoy that type of humor, this is a magazine that will light a giggle fire in you.

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