Friday, November 11, 2016

Review of "War of the Worlds: A Graphic Novel," by H. G. Wells and adapted by Stephen Stern

Review of
War of the Worlds: A Graphic Novel, by H. G. Wells and adapted by Stephen Stern ISBN 0976475502

Five out of five stars
 As someone that has read the original classic story by Wells several times, I remain impressed with it as true visionary science fiction. It is a story that has established a series of adaptations as well as other stories based on the fundamental premise of an alien invasion. This graphic novel is a modern adaptation of that story, primarily set in the area of New York City in the early twenty-first century.
 This book has all the tension of the original, while humans do score some military successes against the Martians, they seem unstoppable until the bacteria win the war. There is a subplot involving a late-term pregnancy that gives it added human interest value.
 The image on the cover is a throwback to the days of science fiction pulp magazines. Martian machines are threatening a man and a woman, she is very busty and her top is on the verge of falling down. The scantily clad damsel in distress used to be a standard cover image for many of the science fiction magazines.
 When a story is a great one, it can be told in many ways and remain interesting and entertaining. This book is proof that the original story is a great one.

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