Friday, November 25, 2016

Review of "Strange As It Seems No. 1," by John Hix

Review of
Strange As It Seems No. 1, by John Hix

Four out of five stars
 While it is larger than most, this book is another in the sequence of books that contain images of very unusual facts along with a short explanatory caption. Such books work very well as entertaining distractors as it is possible to read them a page at a time with no continuity problems. They are excellent stimulators of the type of conversation that begins with, “Did you know . . . ?”
 The facts cover the full spectrum of human and natural activities. For example, there is a natural rock formation, a fish that grunts, an acrobat with no legs, a four-pound mushroom, names that are puns on the person’s occupation and humorous epitaphs on tombstones.
 If you are a fan of the odd and sometimes hard to believe fact, then this is a book that you will find amusing.

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