Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Review of "Ultimate Fantastic Four: Volume 6 Frightful," by Mark Millar et. al.

Review of
Ultimate Fantastic Four: Volume 6 Frightful, by Mark Millar et. al. ISBN 0785120173

Five out of five stars
 There are many different plot threads in this collection, there are Fantastic Four zombies from another dimension, pills from the Skrulls that give humans super powers but have horrific side effects, Johnny Storm suffering from a terminal infection that only Doctor Doom can cure and a mind transfer between Doom and Reed Richards.
 Within all of these plotlines, the action moves very well and with emotion. Johnny Storm plays a very cruel practical joke on a Ben Grimm that is contemplating suicide, leading to a plan to go back in time and avoid the event that led to the creation of the Fantastic Four.
 The inclusion of the Fantastic Four zombies with their powers and high intelligence intact provides for a continuing backdrop of danger, for they are single-minded in their goal to escape and infect Earth with their bizarre form of sickness. This is a great collection of stories about the best superhero group of all time, for despite their powers and intelligence, they remain very human.

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