Sunday, November 20, 2016

Review of The Outer Limits: Second Chance, VHS tape

Review of
The Outer Limits: Second Chance, VHS tape

Five out of five stars
The premise of this episode of the classic television show is based on a theme widely used in literature and entertainment. People being given the chance to really make a difference in the world (universe) and how they react to that opportunity. A secondary plot device is the fantasy that an amusement park space ride is really a space ship that can be used to fly to other planets.
 Simon Oakland plays an alien from a dying planet that is now on Earth searching for people unhappy with their situation. When the selected people board the ship and it takes off, they reveal their true personalities, in the sense that for most of them, they prefer their current existence. Even though they spend a high percentage of the time complaining, many of the humans demand to be taken back to their previous lives. However, there are some that welcome the chance to engage in a bold new adventure.
 As a consequence, while this episode involves an alien, it is really about humans. How so many complain so much about how their lives have evolved, yet have no real desire to change it, even when a dramatic opportunity is presented.

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