Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Review of "Intelligent Quote-to-Cash: The Outcome-Based Approach to Transforming Your Business," by Kirk Krappe

Review of
Intelligent Quote-to-Cash: The Outcome-Based Approach to Transforming Your Business, by Kirk Krappe ISBN 9781614310624

Three out of five stars
 This is a book that describes a very important and valuable theme for business success, but for too long and with far too many repetitions. Quote-to-cash is the phrase used to describe the implementation of an enterprise computer system that incorporates every person and operation, from the sales people through all others to maintenance and support. A quote-to-cash system replaces all stand-alone operations such as individual department spreadsheets and paper files.
 The first impression the reader with experience in this area will likely have is to wonder if there are still any major operations that don’t understand the importance of such a system. For the value of a quote-to-cash system is obvious, even to the technically challenged.
 Following that impression, the reader is unimpressed by the content, which is the same point made over and over again. This is a book that could have been significantly shorter with no loss of valuable content. It reads a lot like a continuous commercial for quote-to-cash, it is no coincidence that the author blurb on the back cover opens with the sentence:
“Kirk Krappe is co-founder and CEO of Apttus, the leading Intelligent Quote-to-Cash solution provider.”
 This is a good book with valuable content that grows repetitive far too quickly.

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