Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Review of "Naked News for Indie Authors: How to Get On TV," by Gisela Hausmann

Review of
Naked News for Indie Authors: How to Get On TV, by Gisela Hausmann

Five stars

 While it is only 44 pages in length, this book contains a great deal of information far beyond the stated focus of getting on television. The real issue that is covered and has value far beyond the niche focus is the advice on working on your pitch. You never know when you will encounter a person that has a potential interest in your book and you need to be able to give them an intelligent, persuasive and brief explanation of the main theme(s) of your book.
In business, this is generally referred to as your “elevator pitch,” where the premise is that you meet someone in an elevator and are asked the generic “What business are you in?” You should always have a reasonably thorough explanation available that can be completed during the course of the elevator ride.
 The same thing applies to contacting representatives of the news media. While they are always looking for the unusual story, they are very busy people and have no time to wade through even the slightest of incoherencies present in a message.
 It is possible to be on television as well as be the subject of a feature article in the local newspaper. If you have an interesting topic you will find it surprisingly easy to do. The key of course is generating an interesting topic and making contact in the right manner, somewhat aggressive, yet polite.
 Gisela Hausmann has written extensively about the ways in which you can make the contacts in the right manner, in many ways this book can be considered an appendix to her other books about effective email and getting book reviewsIf you are an independent author and need publicity, those two books and this one would be money and time well invested.

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