Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review of Visual Instaread Key Takeaways from the book "Feminist Fight Club" by Jessica Bennett

Review of
Visual Instaread Key Takeaways from the book Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett

Three out of five stars
 One of the key points of the book is lacking, which significantly reduces the value of this summary. It is the definition of what a feminist fight club is, for without that knowledge, there is no base from which to begin. It is “A group of women who meet to support and advise each other on challenges unique to working women.“
 Without that definition as a starting position, the bullet points in this summary have no context. The reader does not know the backdrop of comments such as that in the first slide, “At work, women are interrupted more often and treated with condescension.” If the first slide had given the definition of the feminist fight club, then this comment, as well as all the others, are understood as within the unique challenges that working women face.
 The points made in the summary are sound, they are almost totally made by the text, with little contribution from the images, which are simplistic. If the definition of feminist fight club had been the subject of the first slide, this would have been a good summary. Absent that, it is a set of good points with no unifying base. 


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