Saturday, November 12, 2016

Review of "Superman vs. Shazam!" by Roy Thomas et. al.

Review of
Superman vs. Shazam!, by Roy Thomas et. al. ISBN 9781401238216

Four out of five stars
 This collection of stories, which has Superman and Captain Marvel fighting together more than in opposition, expresses a sharp contrast with the stories in the Marvel line. The dialog has a more kiddie feel to it, after a while you get tired of reading “Holy Moley!” and some of the auxiliary characters are heavily into the cutesy. For example, there is the bunny with Shazam powers.
 The plot device of multiple Earths with a gateway between them is used to provide all the backdrops needed to have the heroes of great power “coexist.” Despite living on different Earths, Superman, Captain Marvel and all their powerful foes are aware of each other, often through the medium of comic books. People on the Earth of Superman read Captain Marvel comic books and the people on the Earth of Captain Marvel read Superman comic books.
 The stories use the standard powerful villains and evil doers found in the comic book lines of the two heroes. Sometimes they operate solo and other times they team up. A common theme of the villains is that they want to destroy their super foes and even the Earths.
 In terms of action, in general it is a series of super punches, where villain hits hero and he flies back, only to have the hero come back and hit the villain and knock him just as far. Fans of Marvel will miss the battle chatter of the hero as they cannot help but engage in smart dialog, even while getting blasted by a powerful punch.

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