Monday, November 7, 2016

Review of "The Walking Dead Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars," by Robert Kirkman et. al.

Review of
The Walking Dead Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars, by Robert Kirkman et. al. ISBN 9781582408057

Five out of five stars
 A tragedy has struck the human population, a zombie infection where people died, reanimated and then had no purpose other than to kill and eat the people still living. A bite from a zombie guaranteed that you would also turn into one. It only took a short time for the American civilization to collapse, leaving only a few people alive in isolated small pockets.
 Rick is a cop that has emerged as the de facto leader of a small group that is traveling the country in search of a haven where there is food and safety. In this third installment, the group has encountered a prison. While there are zombies inside, the walls are high and sturdy, so if they can enter it and clear the zombies, it will be a permanent safe zone.
 What makes this story entertaining and depressing is that the survivors do not adopt an “all-for-one” attitude regarding their situation. Emotions run high and not always in a positive way. At times, the survivors are their own worst enemy, engaging in actions that further decrease their numbers. Trust is hard to develop, even though it is clear that if it cannot be achieved, none of them will survive very long. A fatalistic approach is as deadly as the zombies, yet several of the group seem unable to avoid it.
 Well written with a realistic focus on human failings, the continuing saga of Rick and his band keeps your attention while you wonder how they will survive even a few months.

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