Friday, November 11, 2016

Review of "Green Lantern: Secret Origin," by Geoff Johns et. al.

Review of
Green Lantern: Secret Origin, by Geoff Johns et. al. ISBN 9781401230869

Five out of five stars
 As a long-time fan of comic book heroes, my favorite stories have always been the origin histories. How the hero came to acquire their skills or powers and the expression of whatever rules and limitations they must operate under. This graphic novel is a retelling of the origin of the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern.
 Hal Jordan was the son of a test pilot and he also became a hotshot test pilot when he reached adulthood. He idolized his father and was present when the plane his father was piloting crashed in a fiery explosion. Jordan then drifted through life until his eighteenth birthday, when he joined the Air Force. Always the rebel, Jordan’s life was one of testing the limits of planes and the controlling authorities. There was a great deal of tension between him and his family as well, they rarely spoke to each other and when they did there was a great deal of hostility.
 Becoming a Green Lantern by accident changed Jordan’s life and took him into a role of having responsibility. The reader learns some of the background of the Green Lantern corps, including their boot camp, the rules that the members must follow and Hal Jordan’s early relationship with Sinestro.
 There is a great deal of action as the rookie Green Lantern is given a quick and intense baptism of fire in the responsibilities of being a powerful force in upholding interstellar law. It is a great story about what made a hero.

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