Thursday, November 24, 2016

Review of "The Walking Dead: Volume 7 The Calm Before," by Robert Kirkman et. al.

Review of
The Walking Dead: Volume 7 The Calm Before, by Robert Kirkman et. al. ISBN 9781582408286

Five out of five stars
 The subtitle of this volume is very appropriately chosen, it is a time of safe living inside the former prison as Rick’s wife gives birth and others begin considering having babies. Yet it closes with what is clearly the greatest danger ever approaching their compound.
 An expedition is launched to acquire more and better weapons and food and it is extremely successful, although not without a conflict with another armed band of the living. With the new weapons and plenty of ammunition, the group can conduct drills to practice for what they consider the inevitable day of conflict. The large garden is now producing food, so there is no danger of starvation.
 Yet, there is still an emotional toll on the people of the band led by Rick and even in the best possible circumstances there is attrition and severe mental problems. It is hard to retain one’s sanity when living through all of the turmoil and destruction of what was the safe and stable environment of the economic rat race. While the rats now move much slower, they are ubiquitous, relentless and deadly.
 It is a story that is hard to put down and I eagerly await the arrival of the next volume that I just ordered.

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