Saturday, July 10, 2021

Review of "World’s Finite Cerebus Number 1," comic

 Review of

World’s Finite Cerebus Number 1, comic

Five out of five stars

Very clever use of mythological references

 I love the Cerebus comics, they are composed of classic images from mythological art modified with clever dialog balloons and the insertion of the Cerebus characters. For example, there is the page based on four instances of the classic image where Charon is ferrying Dante and Virgil across the river Styx to their destiny in the underworld. There are many bodies in the water, and it is clear that Cerebus has asked Charon what about the contents of the river.

Charon’s response: “Oh, it’s a pretty basic mixture of sputem, vomit, feces, snot, blood, hydrochloric acid and Mountain Dew.”

Cerebus: “Who did you say these people were? Heretics? Lunatics? Terrorists?”

Charon: “People who urinate in public pools.”

 Other classic images are used on the other pages, but all have the same clever and entertaining takes on life and looking at it in the most skewed possible manner. Readers unfamiliar with mythology will have some difficulty totally appreciating this comic, but if that is the case, I encourage you to do the necessary research.

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