Friday, July 16, 2021

Review of "Barbarians: A Handbook for Aspiring Savages," by Dr. Byron Clavicle

 Review of

Barbarians: A Handbook for Aspiring Savages, by Dr. Byron Clavicle ISBN 9781608870240

Five out of five stars

Parody and pun parade

 This is an unusual book, designed to make fun of the barbarian genre, there are puns throughout along with some unusual and funny sight gags. For example, there is a series of six images with the caption “Sword-fighting practice: Alone.” The barbarian featured in the images of swordplay is seated on a toilet. Of course, no barbarian would ever use such a device.

 For example, there is a race of barbarians known as “the Atarians.” “The Atarians were an unusual , heavily magical race that vanished in the mid-1990s, taking much of their history with them.” Of course, this is a reference to the Atari game system that was so popular in that era. The “bible” of one sect of barbarians is called “the Moran” The “Holy Barbarella” of another sect of barbarians has “I, the Lord Am Your Rugburn” on the front cover.

 Wacky, sometimes hilarious and other times very subtly amusing, this is a fun book to read. In many ways the best part is appendix C, “A Barbarian Film Guide.” It has some very honest. albeit short reviews of the primary movies in the barbarian genre. It is alone worth the price of the book.

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