Saturday, July 17, 2021

Review of "More Misery," by Suzanne Heller

 Review of

More Misery, by Suzanne Heller

Basic truths of embarrassing situations

 This is a great book constructed from a series of events that are embarrassing and that all can understand. Furthermore, it is a near certainty that all readers will have experienced at least one of the situations. Each situation is presented with an image and short caption.

 For example:

“Misery is having soft bread and hard butter.”

“Misery is when you’re playing jump rope and you have loose underpants.”

“Misery is when everybody wears sneakers to school, and you have to wear Buster Browns.”

Life is full of small miseries that must be tolerated and overcome. It helps when you can laugh at them, the service provided by this book.

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