Friday, July 30, 2021

Review of "The Shocking Origin of Jonah Hex," by Gray, Palmiotti and Bernet

 Review of

The Shocking Origin of Jonah Hex, by Gray, Palmiotti and Bernet

Five out of five stars

Scarred in more ways than visual

 Jonah Hex is a western character that is both a hero and a bit of a villain. Severely scarred, he projects a persona of not being a person to mess with, albeit he does exhibit a streak of kindness and willingness to aid others.  This comic describes the manner whereby he acquired the deep seated scarring of his personality.

He was a soldier in the Confederate Army of the American Civil War and his favored weapon was a hatchet. Severely wounded in an attack on a Union fort, Hex is tied to an x-cross and severely whipped. Left for dead on a floating raft, he is discovered by a Confederate family that treats his wounds and provides for his recovery. When marauding bandits attack the household, Hex fights them off and lives to exact revenge against those that wronged him.

 Origin stories always have a charm that others don’t have, for it is generally more interesting to learn how the main character came into being. This is no exception, Hex is a violent man, yet unlike the others, his violence serves a positive purpose.

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