Sunday, July 25, 2021

Review of "Kingsman: The Red Diamond 1 of 6," by Rob Williams and Simon Fraser

 Review of

Kingsman: The Red Diamond 1 of 6, by Rob Williams and Simon Fraser

Four out of five stars

Introduction of a James Bond familiar

 This comic is the first of a six part series featuring a snappy dressing Englishman called Eggsy. In keeping with the Bond character, the opening captions have him in a car with a sexy woman and the discussion is hot with promise of sexual action. The setting is London and Eggsy is an agent for the British government. He receives a call on the videophone in a public cash machine informing him that a member of the Greek royal family has been kidnapped and threatened with death. Eggsy is to drop everything and attempt a rescue.

 While the agent is talented, that skill set is dwarfed by that of his car. It flies, exudes bombs and Eggsy uses it to rescue the Greek prince. In true Q fashion, he also has some rather effective gadgets on his person, and he exhibits some incredible athletic ability during the rescue. At the end, when the Greek prince is unappreciative of his acts, Eggsy does something that leads to the threat of his being fired.

 The story then takes a different turn, where Eggsy meets his mother, and the British class-conscious social mores are in full view. When Eggsy visits a bar in the area of his youth, he meets people he knew and is reminded of where he came from. When he asks a woman to go with him to another place, he is rebuffed with the standard comment, “You think you are better than us.”

 What makes this story resonate is that the private life of the hero agent is that of an ordinary man. He has been successful and is wealthy yet cannot escape his roots. Wearing the sharpest clothing leads to resentment rather than respect. It ends with an event that no one could envision James Bond experiencing.

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