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Review of "Who is Shadowhawk 1," Comic by Image Comics published in August 1992

 Review of

Who is Shadowhawk 1, Comic by Image Comics published in August 1992

Four out of five stars

Sets a great deal of context for a questionable hero

 This is the first issue in a series of 4 featuring a vigilante called Shadow Hawk. Violent crime is rampant in the city and an individual dons an armored costume and lures the baddest of the bad into confrontations. This is not a gentle reaction; blood flows and the spines of the assailants are snapped. The police are frustrated and aggressively trying to prevent the character known as Shadowhawk from claiming more victims.

 On the confirmed bad side is a character that calls himself Arson. He wears a fireproof suit and armed with two powerful flame throwers, burns things down. It is clear that the storyline is headed for a confrontation between these two characters.

 A female reporter named Anthonette is screaming at her editor boss for permission to cover the actions of Shadowhawk, but he flat out refuses, citing a directive from the mayor’s office. Frustrated, Anthonette goes to the owner of the newspaper to plead her case. This helps introduce a beautiful and seductive villainess that exudes sexuality directed at both genders.

 As the first in a series of four issues that together describe a story, this comic manages to cover all of the preliminary issues regarding the heroes, villains and those that may go both ways.

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