Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Review of "Focusing on Davis County’s Past: A Pictorial History of Davis County," edited by Gary Spurgeon

 Review of

Focusing on Davis County’s Past: A Pictorial History of Davis County, edited by Gary Spurgeon

Five out of five stars

Example of the same only different

 This collection of images taken in Davis County, Iowa show scenes that are of course unique in specifics, yet very similar to what could be collected in most other counties in the Midwest. Herds of Holstein cattle, sheep, horses pulling wagons and machinery are common. From that, there is the transition to motorized transportation and machinery.

 There is also a transition in the buildings used for education. Images of the one-room local schoolhouses, to larger buildings as consolidation took place until the buildings are large and made of brick.

 The reader can clearly see the towns change as they expand and modernize. In an early image of Bloomfield, a large herd of sheep is being herded across town from one pasture to another. Later images have paved streets with large numbers of parked cars.

 Most people find it interesting to look through collections of images that demonstrate how things in a region have changed over time. This collection will not disappoint.

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