Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review of "The Zombie Combat Field Guide," by Roger Ma

Review of

The Zombie Combat Field Guide, by Roger Ma ISBN 9780425278369

Four out of five stars

 This book is part coloring book, has many aspects of a comic book and is targeted at readers that are into the zombie genre. The content is fairly simple and generally presented in a serious, yet humorous manner. It often takes the form of battle scenarios where you are asked questions regarding what to do.
 For example, there is the open road scenario, where you and your team are on foot on an open stretch of road. It will be dark soon, a group of zombies are making their way towards you and your team is armed with a baseball bat, a fire axe, a crowbar and a stiletto. The questions to answer are:
*) What advantages do you have in this scenario?
*) What are your disadvantages?
*) How will you use your primary weapons?
*) What is your tactical plan?
Great fodder for a set of middle school children to sit around and engage in an animated discussion.
 I generally have little interest in the zombie craze, yet I found this book interesting and at times I stopped to consider the scenario and formulate a battle plan.

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