Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review of "Match Point," DVD

Review of

Match Point, DVD

Five out of five stars

 When the movie opens Chris is a tennis instructor at an exclusive club. It is a job that has little strain to it but also with no real potential to make it an exciting career. He meets Chloe, the daughter of a wealthy man that takes care of his relatives. All of the significant action takes place in Britain and all but one of the main characters is British.
Once Chris and Chloe are married, Chris is hired by his father-in-law’s company, earns a large salary and lives a life of comfort nurtured by wealth. All of the information given to the viewer indicates that their relationship is one of routine, where sex is for the purpose of procreation only.
 Chloe’s brother is briefly engaged to Nola, an aspiring American actress that is described far more by aspiration rather than quality roles. Nola is openly looked down on by Chloe’s mother and it is not long before that engagement is broken. However, it does last long enough for Chris and Nola to engage in a hot and steamy love affair.
 For some time, Chris lives his life of the solid citizen and husband while relying on his time with Nola for the steam and passion in his life. Nola is his obsession, so there is the ongoing question as to whether Chris will choose a life of luxury and wealthy stability or follow his passion. It is a very unstable situation, made more so by the emotional nature of Nola, for she reaches the point where she wants more, specifically Chris in her life.
 Chris finally decides on an extreme solution to his problem, which leads to a conclusion that takes some time to develop. However, this is due to the tension that is built as Chris engages in his actions, there are several points where he could be exposed and his life could collapse in ruin. Random chance works very well in his favor.
  In one sense this is a movie based on a well-used plot device. Yet, the performance of Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Chris, a man capable of playing two widely different roles as a husband and as a lover, makes it work in a unique way. He shows stability when he is with Chloe and intense passion when he is with Nola.

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