Sunday, August 21, 2016

Review of "World Series," by John R. Tunis

Review of

World Series, by John R. Tunis

Five out of five stars

 The fictional Brooklyn Dodgers team that were the subject of a series of books by Tunis have managed to win the National League pennant and are facing the powerful Cleveland Indians in the World Series. While the Dodgers had to fight until the very end of the season to win their title, the Indians were way ahead and able to coast at the end of the season. Therefore, the Dodger players are tired while the Indians are relatively fresh.
 The book moves through the seven games of the series with ups and downs, both in morale and losses. A great deal of ink is spent in describing and emphasizing the amount of money that the players will get as their winning shares versus that of the losers. The emphasis on this will no doubt be lost on the modern readers, with the high salaries of today it sounds odd to read about the value of the $2000 difference.
 In this book, Tunis once again demonstrates how skilled he is at writing sports fiction. While the context is very dated, the action is exciting, based on the tension of playing in what used to be the greatest sporting event in the world. Plays that are ordinarily routine become filled with tension.

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