Saturday, August 27, 2016

Review of "Xombi," by John Rozum

Review of

Xombi, by John Rozum ISBN 9781401233464

Five out of five stars

 In this book, David Kim is a Xombi, a person “infected” with nanomachines that repair his body very quickly when it is injured. They are so fast and efficient, he can survive even horrific traumas, such as loosing an arm. In the normal course of David’s life, they repair the consequences of normal aging, so he is in essence close to immortal.
 In this story involving a major battle between good and evil, David is allied with several others with extraordinary powers. Nun the Less is capable of shrinking when desired and wears the complete nun outfit including the white collar and black hat. She is always packing a gun with bullets effective against the evil powers. Catholic Girl is dressed in a Catholic school uniform and is capable of flight and powerful energy discharges. Nun of the Above is also dressed in the classic nun attire and carries a weapon that looks very much like a light saber.
 There are other religious references in the graphic novel, one of the powerful creatures that David battles is called Maranatha and another person that David is allied with looks like an old style religious scholar with the full beard, robes and headgear.
 The battle involves the movements of floating fortresses accessed via secret passages, ingestable pearls of wisdom and besting gangs of powerful and dangerous creatures. Other puns are used in this very imaginative story in graphic novel form. Whether you like the story or not, you will be impressed with the quantity of imagination expressed within it.

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