Thursday, August 25, 2016

Review of "Civil War: Black Panther"

Review of

Civil War: Black Panther, ISBN 9780785195627

Five out of five stars

 T’Challa or the Black Panther is one of the most unusual heroes in the Marvel universe. He is the ruler of Wakanda, a very technologically advanced nation in Africa and highly regarded by both sides in the ongoing Civil War between those with great powers. Since T’Challa has an entire nation behind him and technology that rivals anything in the hands of Tony Stark or the U. S. government, any action he takes is met with skepticism and uncertainty.
 When the story opens, T’Challa is on his honeymoon with his wife Ororo. Black Panther has a strategic mentality befitting a head of state so at first he is officially neutral in the Civil War, yet his actions in meeting with people like Dr. Doom, Namor and the inhumans generate paranoia in the Stark faction and the U. S. government. Like so many times in human history, when there is a major struggle between nations, it is almost impossible for any nation near the conflict to stay out of it. The same thing happens to T’Challa and Ororo.
 Forced to make a decision as to which side to support, T’Challa is guided by the principles that he learned from his ancestors. The story is exciting, an entertaining thread in the lengthy saga when hero fought hero, while paranoid and insecure governments questioned the actions of the ruler of Wakanda.

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