Saturday, August 6, 2016

Review of "Inkspirations for Recovery," by Rokelle Lerner

Review of

Inkspirations for Recovery, by Rokelle Lerner ISBN 9780757319235

Five out of five stars

 It has been known for some time that one of the best therapies for recovering from the consequences of significant life changes or trauma is the production of simple artwork. The complexity must be great enough so that it requires focus on the task, fine enough to be physically challenging, yet not so complex that it cannot be done by nearly everyone.
 Therefore, some of the best projects are those where a pattern is set in black and white and the “artist” is to color in the sections according to their taste. That is what is done here. The designs in this book have a great deal of detail, making their coloration a challenge, both in selecting the right colors as well as staying within the lines. Yet, nearly everyone will be able to perform a passable coloration.
 There are eight colored images at the start of the book that can be used as templates, four originals are colored in two different ways. The organization of the book is that the left side contains text, quotes and statements that are uplifting and encouraging, while the companion image to be colored is on the right.
 If you are looking for an inexpensive set of artistic activities for patients, clients or just for yourself, the images in this book will be challenging.  Yet, doing them will be therapeutic and rewarding.

This book was made available for free for review purposes.

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