Sunday, August 14, 2016

Review of The Incredible Hulk," starring Edward Norton, DVD

Review of

The Incredible Hulk,  starring Edward Norton, DVD

Five out of five stars

 This movie is another that demonstrates the need for the ability to generate images via computer before comic book characters could truly come to life on the big screen. Characters such as the Hulk could not be accurately rendered using human bodies and makeup, although the television series did as well as the technology allowed at the time.
 One of the weaknesses that develop when such technology is available is that it tends to be overused, the movie becomes a dramatic fight between the main protagonists with everything in sight being smashed. The strength of the Marvel characters from the moment of their creation has been that they maintained their human qualities. Stories featuring them always maintained the human interest element. For the Hulk stories, it was Bruce Banner’s continuing effort to establish some form of control over the monster within. Pursued relentlessly by General Ross, the Hulk was always on the run and constantly reminded that there were forces trying to destroy him.
 Even though there is a titanic battle between the Hulk and an adversary of equal power, the main plot devices are Bruce Banner’s battle with himself as well as his love interest with the daughter of General Ross. There are tender moments, even when Banner is the Hulk, demonstrating that his humanity remains, even when he is a powerful green monster capable of picking up a tank.
 Two cameo appearances add some historical flavor to the movie. The first is that of Stan Lee, he drinks a soft drink containing a drop of gamma charged blood from Banner. The second is the appearance of Lou Ferrigno as a security guard bribed by a pizza.
Although there are a few too many powerful yells for my tastes, this movie keeps the human elements as the main focus. As long as the human elements are not overpowered by the computer generated action, movies involving superheroes will remain entertaining.

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