Sunday, August 14, 2016

Review of "The Beatles: A Hard Day’s Night," video directed by Richard Lester

Review of

The Beatles: A Hard Day’s Night, video directed by Richard Lester

 Five out of five stars

When viewing this video, it is easy to see the genesis of the rock video. Filmed only a short time after they came to America and immediately dominated the pop music scene, this movie has the Fab Four playing silly caricatures of themselves. Embedded within the silliness, they perform several of their songs and the climax has them in a concert in front of a live audience.
 The plot is silly and meandering, which is by design. Paul’s grandfather is the character having the greatest role other than the four Beatles and he too is a caricature of the British man of the sixties. Screaming crowds of young girls chase the Beatles through the streets, most of the time they are straight out of the silent movies.
 The Beatles revolutionized pop music, nearly everyone knows that. Less well known is the fact that they pioneered the music video and you can see that in this movie.

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