Saturday, August 6, 2016

Review of "Marvel Epic Collection: Silver Surfer, When Calls Galactus," by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Review of

Marvel Epic Collection: Silver Surfer, When Calls Galactus, by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby ISBN 978-0-7851-9002-8

Five out of five stars

 This collection is a reprint of the first issues of Marvel comics that introduced and developed the character of the Silver Surfer. He first appeared in Fantastic Four number 48, the series from which most of these stories were taken. Therefore, most of the stories also involve the Fantastic Four. The Incredible Hulk and Doctor Doom also appear in the role of the opponent of the Silver Surfer.
 The coloration is outstanding, the production standards are of the highest quality. There is nothing more annoying than having a collection of stories where the images are in black and white. It makes for a lower price but I am like most people and are willing to pay more for the quality.
 The dialog is vintage Stan Lee, the FF bicker, complain and there are jokes within the battle talk. Despite his problems, the Silver Surfer remains a noble creature, stuck on Earth and unable to fathom the ways of humans. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were a creative team that may have no peer, this book is an existence proof of that.

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