Saturday, October 20, 2018

Review of "Where’s the Dragon?" Illustrated by Richard Hook and written by Jason Hook

Review of
Where’s the Dragon? Illustrated by Richard Hook and written by Jason Hook ISBN 9781402716249

Five out of five stars
 This is a delightful book based on the premise of an old man that is unaware of his surroundings. George is a boy that is visiting his grandfather, an expert woodcarver that spins stories about dragons. The day after his arrival, they climb aboard Grandfather’s sailboat and off they go in search of dragons.
 Although George and Grandfather do not see them, there are many dragons in sight as they pursue their search for dragons. All through the book, the reader is encouraged to spot the many dragons that somehow elude the eyes of George and Grandfather. The caption, “With over 75 hidden dragons for you to find!” appears on the front cover.
 Written at the level of the child in the last years of elementary school, this is a book that is expertly illustrated for the watchful eyes of discovery.

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