Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Review of "Cyber-Tracker," DVD version

Review of
Cyber-Tracker, DVD version

Three out of five stars
 This movie is a modification of the “Terminator” series of films, the difference is that giant killer robots are marginally under the control of the judicial system. When a person is declared a dangerous criminal, one of the cyber-trackers (produced by the evil Cybercore) is programmed to hunt them down and kill them. The goal is first and foremost to kill the criminal, with collateral damage and the death of innocents largely irrelevant.
 Don “The Dragon” Wilson plays Eric Phillips, a secret service agent with a significant martial arts repertoire. After he helps foil an attempted assassination, he is brought into the fold and is expected to simply stand by while a woman programmer is executed for suspected disloyalty. After some obligatory martial arts fighting, Phillips manages to get away. Declared a criminal and targeted by a cyber-tracker, yet he proves that he is a match for them, emerging damaged but alive after the confrontations.
 There is a small but active resistance that Phillips makes contact with and they fight back, again with a few more martial arts fighting scenes where Phillips takes on several men at once. Even though many of the resistance fighters die at the hands of the cyber-tracker, Phillips manages to escape and carry the fight to Cybercore.
 Essentially a series of martial arts fighting scenes embedded in a story about technology run amok, this is a light-hearted action movie where you don’t really have to think much. There is also a lot of grunting and loud responses to being punched as well as a lot of bullets fired that bust up the scenery without hitting the humans. The cyber-trackers appear to be really bad shots.

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