Thursday, October 4, 2018

Review of "Ghost Stories of the Delaware Coast," by David J. Seibold and Charles J. Adams III

Review of
Ghost Stories of the Delaware Coast, by David J. Seibold and Charles J. Adams III ISBN 9780961000899

Four out of five stars
 The ghost stories in this collection are good, but not great. They are presented with some of a tongue-in-cheek manner, at times the authors openly state that they question the validity of the hauntings. One little-known fact used in some of these stories is that pirates used to operate off the coast of Delaware. History tends to relegate their activity to the area of the Caribbean and the coasts of the southernmost states. Actions of pirates are always good fodder for ghost stories.
 Another little-known fact is that there is an area of swamp in Delaware known as “the Great Cypress Swamp.” It is an area with the pervasive smell of rotting wood and other substances. At times in history it was a haven for runaway slaves as well as people cooking up moonshine alcoholic beverages during Prohibition.
 Like all ghost stories, these must be taken with a bit of skepticism, yet most share common characteristics with stories from other sections of the world. If you enjoy such tales rendered as facts, then you will like this book.

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